A Fascinating Documentary and Q & A with Film Director : ‘A LETTER FROM LONDON’

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New Documentary exploring Britain’s central role in the creation of Israel

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see documentary ‘A Letter from London’. Exploring Britain’s central role in the creation of Israel and the reasons why Britain promised a “Homeland for Jews”, the film demonstrates how multiple strands came together miraculously at the right time for Britain and the Jews.

The documentary covers events from the Balfour Declaration in 1917 to the proclamation of a new state in 1948 featuring new footage, archive sources and interviews with experts in history, politicians, ex-military personnel, the Jewish resistance and a former head of Mossad. The film is interspersed with personal anecdotes of daily life during British rule from residents of then Palestine.
The Central subject of the film is the Balfour Declaration, the foundational document written by Arthur Balfour, British Foreign Secretary and leading to the creation of the modern state of Israel some 30 years later. This 67-word document that Chaim Weizmann named “The Jewish Magna-Carta”, had a major impact on Britain and the Middle East and after 100 years is still a living legacy.

The historical facts are explained by experts in history and law, politicians, ex-military personnel from the Jewish resistance, both official and underground and an ex-head of Mossad.  These are interspersed with many personal anecdotes of daily life during the British rule from residents of Palestine who are still living (possibly the last chance to record these testimonies of people mostly in their 80’s and 90’s) and this is supplemented with archival film footage, much of it unseen and archived documents.

The film also reveals why Britain retreated from facilitating a Jewish Homeland, contrary to its mandatory duties and to its eventual adoption of an anti-Zionist policy.

Chief Executive of UK Lawyers for Israel, Jonathan Turner, will introduce the film and there will be a Q & A with film Director, Melvyn Lipitch.

Advance booking required:

Thursday 4th October, 7.00pm refreshments, 7.30 film followed by Q & A.

Entry £5 to include refreshments. 

To book call us on: 0113 2185873/info@makor.co.uk.  



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