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Our Mission

Makor’s mission is to keep jewish identity and heritage alive and thriving!

Makor’s UP CLOSE & PERSONAL season is currently one of our most popular ongoing events.

Our audiences are invited to delve into the lives of high profile characters that they may have heard  of, in addition to special guests who have a unique story to divulge.

Some of our past interviewees include:

Frances Segelman FRSA, sculptor to the Royals and A-list celebrities.

Martin Port, entrepreneur and technology pioneer.

Alby Chait, innovative Leeds Chazan.

Yonatan Langer, Neo Nazi turned Jew. 

Dr, Jonathan Straight FRSA, entrepreneur, philanthropist, artistic photographer, presenter and speaker.

A popular series of engaging interviews with high profile personalities from Leeds and around the world.

Makor organises large-scale events geared towards the community and the wider public.

Unmissable Kosher food festivals with marketplace and food demonstrations, unique to the North of England.

About Us

Makor’s mission is to keep Jewish identity and heritage alive and thriving!

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