Get Involved

Volunteers are an indispensable part of Makor. With their valuable assistance and skills, the organisation is able to offer a wide range of activities.

It doesn’t matter whether you help out on a regular basis or just occasionally. Any time you give is appreciated and we can guarantee you’ll find it rewarding.

Get involved in our larger scale events. Your generous gift of time will help things run smoothly. There are many ways to get involved. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a particular skill, whatever you have to offer we’ll find something to suit you.

Can you help with any of the following?

Home Hospitality
Front of House and Green Room
and lots more opportunities …

Mobile library

You don’t have to be a great reader to oversee the library. We’ll show you what to do and as long as you are friendly, you’ll enjoy meeting the people who use this facility. A wide range of books and videos are available at lunchtimes at the MAZCC.
To help with the mobile library, contact Makor now on (0113) 268-0899

Admin support

There’s always something going on in the Makor office and it’s usually lively. Whether you lend a hand with filing, or photocopying, designing a brochure or making phone calls, the time you give is vital to ensure the events and activities all run successfully and on time.

Mitzvah Day

You don’t have to be a regular volunteer to take part in National Mitzvah Day. Anyone can join in this annual event which takes place every November. Makor encourages everyone in the community to do a Mitzvah (good deed). For example, you could do someone’s decorating or take part in a concert.
What will your good deed be?

Call (0113) 268-0899 to tell us when you can help. If you have any special skills, do let us know. If you’re not sure how you can contribute, don’t be put off – we’ll find something for you to do!

For ideas, speak to Helen on (0113) 268 0899

Volunteers get FREE tickets to shows.

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