Poignant, Powerful Israeli Drama this March


Following a successful two week run in London, KNOCK KNOCK arrives to Leeds on 16th March as part of the JFest International Season.

Niv Petel’s stunning solo show draws back the thick curtain of politics in the Middle East to celebrate the life, laughter, joy and love of a mother and her only son, in a place where every child is duty bound to become a soldier and every parent has an army uniform in the attic.

This accomplished young actor skillfully metamorphosises into the role of a mother in Israel working as a liaison officer for the Israeli army, supporting families who’ve lost their sons to the wars.

She is naturally chatty and  excitable when around her son.  She has a friend and neighbour, but her closest relationship is with her son. She spoils him and treats him with outrageous affection, giggling at his jokes and trying to remain in his good favour. Yet the spectre of the military looms large – all boys must serve when they are of age – and it is in her desperate attempts to prevent him from entering a combat unit where conflict emerges.

As her son grows up, the little family’s happiness is increasingly disrupted by an imposing future – in a society where a knock at the door can only mean one thing.

KNOCK KNOCK is inspired by real events and tells a story about parenthood, friendship, love and sacrifice.




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