This engaging tour will be led by Michael Rainsbury, founder of the President’s House English Tours and Workshops. As well as guiding us through the President’s Residence, Michael will lead a workshop about ‘Israeli Hope’, challenging questions on the changing Israeli society and identity, and bringing a sense of hope to create a more unified society.

SUNDAY 23rd August, 7pm – 8.30pm.

A CAPTIVATING ZOOM TALK: The Surprising Global Legacy of Anne Frank


How were Nelson Mandela and Audrey Hepburn’s lives influenced
by Anne Frank’s diary?

Meet Gillian Walnes Perry MBE, author of ‘The Legacy of Anne Frank’ and someone who has met many people who knew Anne Frank personally and have shared their insights with her.

Gillian explores the Anne Frank story through a new lens – that of how learning how a Jewish girl’s experiences in the Holocaust has had a redemptive and healing effect in some of the world’s most turbulent and violent regions in recent years.

Gillian is the Co-founder and Honorary Vice President of the Anne Frank Trust UK. She has been speaking, lecturing and broadcasting in locations such as 10 Downing Street, the United Nations in New York, and most recently, the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock.

Yoms still go ahead despite lock down in the form of stunning videos!

Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s annual large scale birthday celebrations and Yom Ha’ashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, are organized by Makor and usually see audiences of hundreds.

Due to the current lock down, Makor, along with The Zone and UJIA, will be producing stunning videos for both events that feature Leeds and Yorkshire community members.

The videos will be streamed on the eve of each event and will be available afterwards on Youtube.Yom Ha'shoah shoes on the danube picYOM HA'ATZMAUT 2020 IMAGE


Welcome to the 22nd UK Jewish Film Festival!

Partnering with Makor Jewish Culture in Leeds, UKJFF brings you a diverse and specially selected set of stunning films for your entertainment to be screened at Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton and the MAZCC Centre, Leeds.


See all trailers and film synopses on the UKJFF  website.

Book online or directly with Makor.



Reliving the Trauma of Combat Situations in the Army, Sam Goodriche Speaks Out About PTSD.

Raising awareness of combat trauma following Israeli army service, ex IDF soldier, Sam Goodriche, founder of charity, ‘Soul Talk’, comes to Leeds this November.

Image soultosoul article jlife

Imagine…. you have experienced combat – you are trained to defend your country and then released into civilian life. Upon release, you start to relive traumas with no real opportunity to discuss and understand what has psychologically happened.

When Sam Goodriche was 10 years old, his parents, Debbie and Ian made aliyah, moving from their family home in Edgware to a Moshav on the outskirts of Netanya.

Sam made new friends and at high school and trained avidly with his friends in preparation of joining the IDF.

Sam was sent to his unit, the Tzanchanim paratroopers and was sent into a Palestinian refugee camp in Ramallah in search of terrorists, explosives and weapons. Constantly being on guard, Sam looked over his shoulder in fear of an attack at any time.

On leaving the IDF, like many of his peers, Sam headed off to India for a well-earned six week culture trip. Whilst travelling, he began to chat with fellow Israelis and very soon, Sam realised that many ex-soldiers had experienced similar ordeals, consequently resulting in what was later identified as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

They compared stories and experiences that had made a huge impact on their everyday life. It was the first time these such experiences had been shared, let alone discussed out loud.

Sam, when returning home, was offered a hand of support.  NATAL, a charitable organization, helped Sam with his traumas and diagnosed him with PTSD.

This charity had such an impact on Sam and he found the people so inspiring, he felt he too could make a difference to young people suffering quietly and feeling alone. It was then that Sam’s charity, Soul Talk, was founded, to raise awareness of post combat trauma with support advisory services in both Israel and India.

Sam will be talking about his personal experiences and his charity, SOUL TALK , Thursday 29th November 7.30pm. Contact Makor 0113 2185873/2680899/



A Fascinating Documentary and Q & A with Film Director : ‘A LETTER FROM LONDON’

beige header jpg

New Documentary exploring Britain’s central role in the creation of Israel

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see documentary ‘A Letter from London’. Exploring Britain’s central role in the creation of Israel and the reasons why Britain promised a “Homeland for Jews”, the film demonstrates how multiple strands came together miraculously at the right time for Britain and the Jews.

The documentary covers events from the Balfour Declaration in 1917 to the proclamation of a new state in 1948 featuring new footage, archive sources and interviews with experts in history, politicians, ex-military personnel, the Jewish resistance and a former head of Mossad. The film is interspersed with personal anecdotes of daily life during British rule from residents of then Palestine.
The Central subject of the film is the Balfour Declaration, the foundational document written by Arthur Balfour, British Foreign Secretary and leading to the creation of the modern state of Israel some 30 years later. This 67-word document that Chaim Weizmann named “The Jewish Magna-Carta”, had a major impact on Britain and the Middle East and after 100 years is still a living legacy.

The historical facts are explained by experts in history and law, politicians, ex-military personnel from the Jewish resistance, both official and underground and an ex-head of Mossad.  These are interspersed with many personal anecdotes of daily life during the British rule from residents of Palestine who are still living (possibly the last chance to record these testimonies of people mostly in their 80’s and 90’s) and this is supplemented with archival film footage, much of it unseen and archived documents.

The film also reveals why Britain retreated from facilitating a Jewish Homeland, contrary to its mandatory duties and to its eventual adoption of an anti-Zionist policy.

Chief Executive of UK Lawyers for Israel, Jonathan Turner, will introduce the film and there will be a Q & A with film Director, Melvyn Lipitch.

Advance booking required:

Thursday 4th October, 7.00pm refreshments, 7.30 film followed by Q & A.

Entry £5 to include refreshments. 

To book call us on: 0113 2185873/